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Blue Sheep

I just finished working with Noetic Games on the music and sound for this proof of concept prototype for a new game called ‘Blue Sheep‘. Combining side-scrolling platforming with fast-paced combat and a compelling storyline.

We’ll be working on the full game for the next few months as we’re really pleased with how the prototype turned out. So more to come very soon!

Deadwood Kickstarter

Click clack in the night

The misty woods sway left and right

Clear your tracks and watch your back

No one wants to be a deadwood snack

A while ago I mentioned working on the game Deadwood, for various reasons development was put on hold. The main reason being half the team working on visual effects for the new Hobbit movie… so I suppose we can forgive them!

Now it’s full steam ahead and we’ve just embarked on a fundraising campaign through kickstarter to fund full-time development. There’s already been a great response and the game has even been greenlit to be released on Steam.


It’s been a bit of a blessing in disguise being able to work on the game in dribs and drabs as I’ve been able to refine and improve the quality of the music. You can check out some of the new music in the video above as well as the little player below. There’s still a long way to go and lots more music to write (and homemade wooden instruments to make… but more of that in another blog post).

We’re all really excited to show the game off and get feedback from the community as early on as possible. More to come in the next few months!



A surreal puzzle platformer that’s as beautiful as it is challenging – discover two beings entwined by fate, a girl and her soulmate, left to travel through a hauntingly elegant world…

A great indie game I had the pleasure of working on has just been released on Steam.

I created all the sound effects / ambiences for the game (which I discussed at length in an interview with Chris at Side One).

The game is now available on PC, Mac, and Linux – we hope you enjoy it!

See No Evil: Release Date + Soundtrack

“See No Evil is a unique isometric puzzle game about sound manipulation. Sometimes, the world seems darker with your eyes open.”

Hurrah! For the past few months I have been working on the music and sound effects for a beautiful puzzle game called See No Evil. After being one of the fastest titles ever to be successfully greenlit on Steam, it will be released for Windows and Mac on August 26th.

In the mean time, the full soundtrack from the game is now available to stream and download from Loudr, Spotify,  and iTunes.

Deadwood – GDC Prototype Released

Download and play the prototype (0.1.4) for free:

Mac   /   Windows   /   Linux

It’s always incredibly satisfying to start working on a project in it’s infancy and see it slowly take shape. This game was one of the very first I started working on professionally back in 2010 and with that it carries an almost nostalgic quality; reminding me of how much of a dufus I was back then but also the pure excitement of getting a piece of music you have written to appear in a video game. But, the game still hasn’t been released. Nope, I wasn’t kidding when mentioning a game ‘slowly taking shape’. For various reasons Deadwood had to be postponed for a number of years, but given the subject matter of the game, coming back from the dead doesn’t seem too inappropriate here. So, we’re powering ahead with the game and hoping to get the full version released in late 2015. Still a long way off, but it means there is plenty of time to finesse the soundtrack and create much more dynamic music. In the mean time, Steamroller Studios has released an early prototype of the game (links above) to coincide with these year’s Game Developer’s Conference.

I actually created quite a bit of music when the project was originally being developed, in 2010. So it has been very satisfying to go back to these ideas and give them a new lease of life applying everything I have learnt over the past four or so years. In fact, I’m tempted to write a little blog post perhaps later on this year with samples of the old and new music laid side by side, warts and all. But that is another blog post for another day.