March Updates – An Essay.

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Well, it’s been a somewhat hectic few months and this blog has been neglected for too long. So here’s a little post rambling about things I’ve been working on.

A little earlier this year I took part in the 2013 Global Game Jam with Jesse from ‘a Jolly Corpse‘ and Alex Brancard of ‘Looking West Apps‘. If you’re unaware of the Global Game Jam, basically teams from around the world have 48 hours to make a game from scratch. I made a few leafy songs and sfx for our game ‘Sprout’. Although it was really just a proof of concept by the end of 48 hours, we would love to turn it into a full (releasable) game in the near future.

I also finished some science-y music for the atom smashing mobile game ‘Angry Atoms‘ and some crunchy chiptune / orchestral music for the rogue dungeon game Forge Quest. Below is a compilation of various tracks from the game:


And finally, I’m VERY pleased to announce I’ll be scoring the music for a pilot of an animated series that will hopefully air in the UAE some time in the near future called ‘Torkaizer’. It has action, it has robots, it has… other stuff that I can’t mention until it’s further along in production. But it’s shaping up to be an interesting project. The series will be a co-production with the maniacal hive mind that is Studio Kontrabida and the lovely guys and gals from emerging Emirati studio ‘Alter Ego Productions‘. What I can show you at the moment though is an early promo poster that was recently spotted in the wild:



Anyway, that’s probably enough for now. I’ve left these blog updates so long there’s some other projects that will be posted in the coming weeks. One of which will be – a shiny new website design! Although practical, the current site design can be a little… brooding. So it will be updated with something a bit more streamlined and cheerful with a dedicated soundtrack player etc.

I’ll leave you with a mysterious little teaser from another upcoming project I’ll be making some cacophonous concoctions for, that’s all for now! :)


It’s the End of the Year as We Know It

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As per usual, sorry for the lack of updates on this blog. But seeing as 2013 is creeping up on us, it only seems right to sneak in a last minute 2012 post.

I’ll just be reserving this blog for ‘big‘ updates like newly released projects and such but will be posting other bits and pieces on my sparkly new facebook page (*cough* like it here *cough*).

2012 has been a fantastic year and it’s been wonderful to work with so many talented people. It has also marked the half-way point for my Uni degree, and in the not too distant future I will be kicked out into the real world which is an equally scary and exciting prospect.

2013 it seems is shaping up to be an interesting year too: a website redesign is in the works (I’ve been told this dark website is a little menacing), and the burgeoning of a handful of cool projects that will be unveiled in due course.

So to all those I have had the pleasure of working with this year, thank you. And if you’re someone who has stumbled upon this site and post on a whim, thank you too. Have a good New Year celebration, don’t drink too much, and I’ll see you on the other side!


‘Fall’ Released, Wyv and Keep submitted (+ Other Shenanigans)

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Wow, it feels like a long time since posting here; probably because it has been. Due to various reasons – namely starting University and nursing my lingering freshers hangover. But, I have still been working on a number of things…

Firstly, I posted about a short film a while back called ‘Fall.’ Well, it’s been released; plus you can watch it for free above!

Secondly, Wyv and Keep is speeding along through development now and the soundtrack is pretty much complete. Also, you can preorder it on Desura as well as the official website to have early access to betas with multiplayer and the level editor.


And last but not least, I’m collaborating with former Marvel comic book artist Steve Uy on his first game ‘World Without End.’ There isn’t an official site just yet but you can read a bit more about it here. The video above is still an early version of one of the tracks and has somewhat disturbing vocal samples but it gives you a little taster into what it will sound like (don’t worry, there will be real vocals in the actual soundtrack).

Until next time, farewell!

‘Fall’ Announcement

Film & TV

Working on the soundtrack to an animated short called ‘Fall’. The maker Adam Parker is currently gathering funds for it on KickStarter for distribution and making sure it looks (and sounds) absolutely mind-boggling . . .

If you haven’t heard of KickStarter, basically the more you donate the more you get out of it. Depending on how much you donate you can get a DVD of the film, posters and exclusive artwork. Check it out here to find out more and in a few months time we should have a shiny new film to release into the wild :)