‘Rival Threads: Last Class Heroes’ – The Final Push

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Well, the release of Last Class Heroes is rapidly approaching as the final touches are being added to the game. To coincide with a final kickstarter campaign (which you can find out about here) Kontrabida put together an awesome video that illustrates where the game is at and what is required to complete it.

The video features lots of new music from the game that has previously been under wraps and also has a short section of me mumbling about how I went about composing the soundtrack.

I’ll make sure to keep you posted on the release date and any soundtrack related shenanigans, in the mean time you can follow the project’s updates on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “‘Rival Threads: Last Class Heroes’ – The Final Push

  1. I love the previews of the music in the game already! But, unfortunately, though I’m backing the project, I’m unable to back the amount needed for the wonderful soundtrack. I was wondering – are you planning to sell the album on your bandcamp as well, once it’s released?

    1. Thanks Gabrielle, we definitely want to release the soundtrack at some point. Not sure whether it will be through bandcamp or the Kontrabida portal though but we’ll keep you posted :).

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