The Boy Who Became A Beetle


This year I was lucky enough to create some music / sfx for a brand new touring show called ‘The Boy Who Became A Beetle’. A family show loosely based on Kafka’s Metamorphosis it features puppetry, live music, wacky props, and the odd song or two.

The initial idea behind the show was a pilot project called ‘Young Producers’. The goal was to co-produce a brand new show with 100 primary school children. Under the creative direction of Little Earthquake and Black Country Touring, I think we succeeded!

My work on the project started in March where I ran music / sound workshops with each Young Producer group. We explored what a composer and musical director actually does (something I ask myself on a daily basis) and we started to look at what sort of music would fit the show.


After that it was full steam ahead with rehearsals! We auditioned an amazing cast of actor/musicians and I started to write a bunch of songs and instrumental cues for the show. A few months down the line we’ve just finished the initial run of shows at various West Midland venues and next year who knows, we might be visiting a theatre near you.

For more info on the show and also the Young Producers project, please visit:



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