See No Evil: Release Date + Soundtrack

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“See No Evil is a unique isometric puzzle game about sound manipulation. Sometimes, the world seems darker with your eyes open.”

Hurrah! For the past few months I have been working on the music and sound effects for a beautiful puzzle game called See No Evil. After being one of the fastest titles ever to be successfully greenlit on Steam, it will be released for Windows and Mac on August 26th.

In the mean time, the full soundtrack from the game is now available to stream and download from Loudr, Spotify,  and iTunes.

Deadwood – GDC Prototype Released

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Download and play the prototype (0.1.4) for free:

Mac   /   Windows   /   Linux

It’s always incredibly satisfying to start working on a project in it’s infancy and see it slowly take shape. This game was one of the very first I started working on professionally back in 2010 and with that it carries an almost nostalgic quality; reminding me of how much of a dufus I was back then but also the pure excitement of getting a piece of music you have written to appear in a video game. But, the game still hasn’t been released. Nope, I wasn’t kidding when mentioning a game ‘slowly taking shape’. For various reasons Deadwood had to be postponed for a number of years, but given the subject matter of the game, coming back from the dead doesn’t seem too inappropriate here. So, we’re powering ahead with the game and hoping to get the full version released in late 2015. Still a long way off, but it means there is plenty of time to finesse the soundtrack and create much more dynamic music. In the mean time, Steamroller Studios has released an early prototype of the game (links above) to coincide with these year’s Game Developer’s Conference.

I actually created quite a bit of music when the project was originally being developed, in 2010. So it has been very satisfying to go back to these ideas and give them a new lease of life applying everything I have learnt over the past four or so years. In fact, I’m tempted to write a little blog post perhaps later on this year with samples of the old and new music laid side by side, warts and all. But that is another blog post for another day.

June Update

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Well, time for another larger blog update. As I mentioned previously I tend to just sum up a few highlights / milestones on this blog now so if you want more regular updates as they’re released I’m on twitter and also have a shiny new(ish) facebook page.


Firstly, way back in April I wrote an original song for the animated series ‘Midnight Twilight’ with frequent collaborator and Animal Crossing enthusiast Amanda Lee. This was my first track where I wrote the music, lyrics, and also mixed it – so it was quite a challenge but fun at the same time.

I played around with a few mixing techniques, mainly lots of delay and automated reverb to give it a really ethereal and breathy sound. The animation is also set in a post apocalyptic sci-fi world, so there are electronic elements, little bits of radio interference, and sudden stops and starts to reflect the slightly worn down and ‘broken machine’ – see what I did there? :-)

Next up, I’m writing music for a card game. WHAT? MUSIC FOR A CARD GAME?

The jovial undead bunch at ‘a Jolly Corpse‘ are making their first card game and setup a kickstarter to get funding for the project. As a little promotional boost we are also producing an original soundtrack based on the game’s lore that people can stick on as they’re playing or just listen to it as an album in its own right.

The video above features a draft version of the Domain ‘Main Theme’  playing in the background as well as Jesse and Beau using their hypnotic marketing skills to convince you to pledge towards the project.

polaroidReleaseAlso on the subject of ‘a Jolly Corpse’ – Wyv and Keep is finally out!

The full, unabashed, real-deal, final, version was released on June 14th marking around two years development time for me but the jolly corpse devs had been working on it for much much longer.

So there were many sighs of relief let out on that day, phew.

You can buy the full version from the Jolly Corpse site where you’ll also get a Desura key (and Steam key once the game is greenlit).

We’re also planning on releasing the game on Xbox as soon as the online coding is up to scratch as well as as many other platforms as possible.


I’ve also been doing some sound design for  a few projects, the first being Rival Threads which is having a preview / demo release on July 5th which gives people a little taster of what the game involves. So this demo has provided a good opportunity for me to concept a few more difficult sounds and what’s even better is we can gather feedback from people after it’s released to make the final game release play (and sound) even better.

Aaaand finally – I helped with sound for a promotional trailer for the upcoming Emirati animated series ‘Torkaizer‘. I’ll actually be composing the music for the finished episode, however in the trailer below the music was just offcuts of some typical ACTION TRAILER sounding music.

I did provide the dialogue editing (which was somewhat fun as I don’t speak a word of Arabic) and also the sound effects editing / final mix. This trailer was kind of a turning point for me as I realised just how fun and varied sound design / editing can be as it requires a huge range of disciplines to get the job done.

The trailer actually gathered quite a bit of worldwide coverage, primarily as this animated series will be one of the first original animes in Arabic. It was featured on IGN Middle East and also the Japanese tv show  ‘WOWOW’ (brilliant name). So I can’t wait to put pen to paper (well… hand to keyboard) for this and start writing some cool mecha inspired music.

So that just about sums up the past few months, and man has it been hectic. But in the good / exciting way. University has finished for a few months so it will be quite nice to focus all my attention on music / sound freelancing for the next few months.

March Updates – An Essay.

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Well, it’s been a somewhat hectic few months and this blog has been neglected for too long. So here’s a little post rambling about things I’ve been working on.

A little earlier this year I took part in the 2013 Global Game Jam with Jesse from ‘a Jolly Corpse‘ and Alex Brancard of ‘Looking West Apps‘. If you’re unaware of the Global Game Jam, basically teams from around the world have 48 hours to make a game from scratch. I made a few leafy songs and sfx for our game ‘Sprout’. Although it was really just a proof of concept by the end of 48 hours, we would love to turn it into a full (releasable) game in the near future.

I also finished some science-y music for the atom smashing mobile game ‘Angry Atoms‘ and some crunchy chiptune / orchestral music for the rogue dungeon game Forge Quest. Below is a compilation of various tracks from the game:


And finally, I’m VERY pleased to announce I’ll be scoring the music for a pilot of an animated series that will hopefully air in the UAE some time in the near future called ‘Torkaizer’. It has action, it has robots, it has… other stuff that I can’t mention until it’s further along in production. But it’s shaping up to be an interesting project. The series will be a co-production with the maniacal hive mind that is Studio Kontrabida and the lovely guys and gals from emerging Emirati studio ‘Alter Ego Productions‘. What I can show you at the moment though is an early promo poster that was recently spotted in the wild:



Anyway, that’s probably enough for now. I’ve left these blog updates so long there’s some other projects that will be posted in the coming weeks. One of which will be – a shiny new website design! Although practical, the current site design can be a little… brooding. So it will be updated with something a bit more streamlined and cheerful with a dedicated soundtrack player etc.

I’ll leave you with a mysterious little teaser from another upcoming project I’ll be making some cacophonous concoctions for, that’s all for now! :)


It’s the End of the Year as We Know It

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As per usual, sorry for the lack of updates on this blog. But seeing as 2013 is creeping up on us, it only seems right to sneak in a last minute 2012 post.

I’ll just be reserving this blog for ‘big‘ updates like newly released projects and such but will be posting other bits and pieces on my sparkly new facebook page (*cough* like it here *cough*).

2012 has been a fantastic year and it’s been wonderful to work with so many talented people. It has also marked the half-way point for my Uni degree, and in the not too distant future I will be kicked out into the real world which is an equally scary and exciting prospect.

2013 it seems is shaping up to be an interesting year too: a website redesign is in the works (I’ve been told this dark website is a little menacing), and the burgeoning of a handful of cool projects that will be unveiled in due course.

So to all those I have had the pleasure of working with this year, thank you. And if you’re someone who has stumbled upon this site and post on a whim, thank you too. Have a good New Year celebration, don’t drink too much, and I’ll see you on the other side!


Wyv and Keep / SmashBox Soundtracks on IndieGameStand

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FINALLY! Wyv and Keep has made it to beta, which means all 6 worlds are there, the final game ending, and for the most part everything is functioning as it should do. To celebrate this, we put together a new trailer parodying Hollywood movie trailers  with some dramatic action music to match.

Wyv and Keep is currently on sale in the latest promotion. Where you can pay what you want for Wyv and Keep and a variety of bonuses: including the whole SmashBox game for free and my soundtracks for both games.

Check it out, it’s only a few dollars! But bear in mind SmashBox is frustratingly tricky, don’t say I didn’t warn you.