iGame Music Bundle

Video Games

The latest Game Music Bundle has been running for quite a few days now, however for those late to the proverbial party – it essentially allows you to pay what you want for a handful of video game soundtracks and this time the Wyv and Keep soundtrack has been included too if you contribute over $10!

This would be a good opportunity to explain the accrual of other tracks too: when the OST was included in the Indie Royale Alpha Funding bundle the game was in an incomplete state – therefore the soundtrack was also in an incomplete state. However, we were eager to include the music we had at the time as a little bonus despite this fact.

BUT, in this game music bundle – there are now 19 tracks and so this is the finished soundtrack. Wyv and Keep still won’t be released for a month or so, but rest assured I won’t be adding more tracks willy-nilly.

There are some big-name indie composers on board too such as Austin Wintory, Romain Gauthier, and Zircon providing some brilliant soundtracks so pick it up while it lasts; at the time of posting the bundle will be available for just over another week.

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