Rival Threads – New Soundtrack Samples Streaming Online

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Quite a few new samples of music from the upcoming Rival Threads soundtrack have been released online today to give you a taste of what’s to come.

Amanda Lee, who’s also providing the vocals for the game’s vocal theme song, provided some beautiful vocals that I’ve incorporated into the video above. Also, check out the Rival Threads Facebook page to listen to a short playlist of previously unreleased songs here.


SmashBox Soundtrack + Wyv and Keep OST Both Released

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A little while ago I mentioned a new project with the Jolly Corpse guys entitled SmashBox. It almost doesn’t feel necessary to go into an elaborate spiel about what the game involves as the title says it all. If you have a particular disdain for all things boxed, this game is for you. You can pick it up for just £1.99 on Desura, we are also trying to get it on Steam via Green Light so any votes would be appreciated.

The soundtrack to the game is now available on Bandcamp for the princely sum of £1.

Music from Wyv and Keep was also featured in the previous Game Music Bundle which has now ended and sold over 3,000 bundles – which is darn brilliant! Now it’s over, I have released the Wyv and Keep OST on to Bandcamp as well so people can download it at their leisure.

iGame Music Bundle

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The latest Game Music Bundle has been running for quite a few days now, however for those late to the proverbial party – it essentially allows you to pay what you want for a handful of video game soundtracks and this time the Wyv and Keep soundtrack has been included too if you contribute over $10!

This would be a good opportunity to explain the accrual of other tracks too: when the OST was included in the Indie Royale Alpha Funding bundle the game was in an incomplete state – therefore the soundtrack was also in an incomplete state. However, we were eager to include the music we had at the time as a little bonus despite this fact.

BUT, in this game music bundle – there are now 19 tracks and so this is the finished soundtrack. Wyv and Keep still won’t be released for a month or so, but rest assured I won’t be adding more tracks willy-nilly.

There are some big-name indie composers on board too such as Austin Wintory, Romain Gauthier, and Zircon providing some brilliant soundtracks so pick it up while it lasts; at the time of posting the bundle will be available for just over another week.

A Few Updates…

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Goodness, has it really been this long since posting? Yes, it has.

Anyway, rhetorical nonsense aside, here are some things I’ve been working on over the past few months.

Firstly, Rival Threads is still full steam ahead with additional characters added to the playable roster and a whole host of additional content that is as yet firmly under wraps. Another exciting piece of news regarding Rival Threads is we are collaborating with voice actress (and singer) Amanda Lee on a couple of songs for the game. Here’s a no-vocal version of the main theme tune I whipped up a few weeks ago:

Rival Threads will also feature a series of collectable ‘story chapters’, each of which will be fully animated and have various accompanying music composed by me. Three of the chapters can already be viewed online, the remaining ones will only be available in game as they contain major spoilers.

Also, the guys who are developing Wyv and Keep have just unveiled a new project they have been working on for a little while, appositely titled Smash Box. I’m working with them on the soundtrack and going for something entirely different to the Wyv and Keep score (yes, not a pan pipe in sight!). Check out the trailer below:

One drawback of these posts that contain scraps of information from various projects is I’m always left with the nagging feeling I’ve forgotten something…

Wyv and Keep Released on Indie Royale + Bundled Soundtrack

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Well, it’s getting there. Wyv and Keep is inching closer and closer to a full release and what’s even better, it’s just been included in the latest Indie Royale game bundle for a fraction of its normal retail price.

ALSO, if you purchase the Indie Royale bundle, you get a free download of the Wyv and Keep soundtrack (in both MP3 and FLAC for the high fidelity inclined).

Rival Threads: Last Class Heroes

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I’m very pleased to announce a new project I’ve been working on for just over a month now with Atelier Kontrabida, ‘Rival Threads: Last Class Heroes’. If you’d like to find out more (and view some of the amazing artwork) check out the development blog.

We’re aiming to release the game on iOS and Android this year so keep your eyes peeled, also I’ll be uploading some new soundtracks to download off of my music store in the coming weeks. Until next time, stay classy.