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The last few weeks have been rather exciting not only due to GDC but also because we (Studio Kontrabida / Alter Ego) have just finished the pilot episode for Torkaizer! After months of concepts, planning, and revision after revision all the loose ends were tied together last week.

Although the pilot episode isn’t available online yet (although is likely to be uploaded eventually), it was unveiled at this years Dubai comic-con and we were totally overwhelmed by the positive reaction to the episode. Even though it is just a short pilot, hopefully it gives a good teaser for the potential of the series. We’re definitely hoping there will be an opportunity to create a full length series.

I provided the music, sound effects, and final mix for the pilot which was a LOT of fun to do and I can’t wait to share the finished episode online. But in the mean time, check out the trailer above which has some early versions of the music and sounds that are featured in the final pilot.

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