Dis Place

Sound Design

A contemporary theatre game about immigration. Who can stay? Are you ready to play?

It’s London, 2021. Post EU Referendum. The British People have voted to stay out of Europe and deport most immigrants. Ten foreign artists squat in the basement of The Glory, only one will be allowed to stay in the country. The choice is in the hands of you – the participants – and your leaders.

Produced by ESSES&DEMESA, I was the show’s sound designer which involved a combination of writing new music, editing existing music and narration, recording sound effects, and programming a mammoth QLab session.

The show will be having an initial run at ‘The Glory’ in London throughout May 2016 and will then go on to be performed at Latitude Festival 2016.

More details at – www.theglory.co/glory-theatre-dis-place/

Produced by ESSES&DEMESA

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