A Few Updates…

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Goodness, has it really been this long since posting? Yes, it has.

Anyway, rhetorical nonsense aside, here are some things I’ve been working on over the past few months.

Firstly, Rival Threads is still full steam ahead with additional characters added to the playable roster and a whole host of additional content that is as yet firmly under wraps. Another exciting piece of news regarding Rival Threads is we are collaborating with voice actress (and singer) Amanda Lee on a couple of songs for the game. Here’s a no-vocal version of the main theme tune I whipped up a few weeks ago:

Rival Threads will also feature a series of collectable ‘story chapters’, each of which will be fully animated and have various accompanying music composed by me. Three of the chapters can already be viewed online, the remaining ones will only be available in game as they contain major spoilers.

Also, the guys who are developing Wyv and Keep have just unveiled a new project they have been working on for a little while, appositely titled Smash Box. I’m working with them on the soundtrack and going for something entirely different to the Wyv and Keep score (yes, not a pan pipe in sight!). Check out the trailer below:

One drawback of these posts that contain scraps of information from various projects is I’m always left with the nagging feeling I’ve forgotten something…

‘Wyv and Keep’ Free Preview Released

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Huzzah! You can now download a free 8 level preview of ‘Wyv and Keep’ and even preorder the full game which will give you access to the private beta and all sorts of other goodies.

This is of course still an early preview so there will almost certainly be some tweaks to the music and sound effects and we’re adding lots and lots* of new content for the full game. So if you’re playing through and something bugs you leave a comment on the site and we’ll have it seen to for the final version :)

*and lots

New Project Wyv & Keep + Cricket 2011 Music on SoundCloud

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Although it’s still midway through development, I thought I would blog about a new puzzle / adventure game that I am working on the audio for: Wyv and Keep. Unlike other projects I have worked on we’ll be posting regular(ish) updates on the game’s website right the way through to release, which will be for Xbox and Windows Phones. The soundtrack is already about 2/3rds complete and over the next few weeks I’ll be focusing more on recording sound effects which oddly seem to take considerably longer than the music. Above is Wyv & Keep’s main theme which recurs at various points throughout the game; for juicy screenshots and gameplay videos check out the Wyv and Keep site.

And finally, I have added the music from World Cricket 2011 to my SoundCloud so check it out  by clicking on the cute little cloud top-right, thanks :)!