Land-a Panda Music Update

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A new update has been released for ‘Land-a Panda’ with new levels and an extremely evil Panda sporting a dubious mohawk. To coincide with the update I wrote some new music for the trailer which is a mashup of the menu music and level music with some rock guitar and drums thrown in for good measure.

‘Land-a Panda’ is available on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad

‘Land-a Panda’ Announcement Trailer

Video Games

‘Land-a Panda’ is an upcoming iOS game blending physics puzzler, love and … DIY Pandas. So if you’re a fan of any of those – I thoroughly recommend keeping an eye on this title, due for release early next year.

One of the games songs I made is in the above trailer but there’s more to come which I’ll post on the site when the game is out.

Check out the Dev’s blog here for more information over the next month or so :)