Land-a Panda Music Update

Video Games

A new update has been released for ‘Land-a Panda’ with new levels and an extremely evil Panda sporting a dubious mohawk. To coincide with the update I wrote some new music for the trailer which is a mashup of the menu music and level music with some rock guitar and drums thrown in for good measure.

‘Land-a Panda’ is available on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad

New Music + New Game Announcement

Video Games

I’ve been working on the music for an upcoming iPhone game called ‘Wing: The Fly’ where you control . . .¬† a fly. You can watch the trailer above and listen to a teeny tiny bit of one of the songs in the game – I’ll upload some of the full songs once the game has been released (should be January 29th, so not long to wait!).

Also, I’ve added ‘The Balls!’ music to the featured tracks player as promised, be sure to check out my Soundcloud as well for more tracks :)

P’s Back – Out Now!

Video Games

There’s nothing like¬† a Christmas themed app to fill you with festive cheer. Well, this one isn’t exactly like that. You play as a rather devious Santa intent on stealing people’s dreams and causing as much destruction as possible . . .

I composed some ‘evil’ interpretations of Christmas songs for the game (one of which you can listen to on my soundcloud).

If you’re searching for something a bit different this Christmas pick it up on the app store.

Merry Christmas! :)

Goo Fusion Released!

Video Games

Goo Fusion Pro is an update for the original game but with additional content such as new SFX and a brand new soundtrack I wrote. The aim of the game is to bounce around saving your friends and collecting objects, so we wanted to go for a very light-hearted and fun style of music. Enjoy! :)