Land-a Panda Music Update

Video Games

A new update has been released for ‘Land-a Panda’ with new levels and an extremely evil Panda sporting a dubious mohawk. To coincide with the update I wrote some new music for the trailer which is a mashup of the menu music and level music with some rock guitar and drums thrown in for good measure.

‘Land-a Panda’ is available on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad

Splitter Pals Released

Video Games

Composed the music for this cutesy puzzler ‘Splitter Pals.’ Two tracks (One of which is on SoundCloud) and I also worked on the game’s SFX. You can pick it up for iPad and iPhone or play the free online version.

Also, Land-a Panda has been bamboo shooting its way up the iTunes charts (sorry, I couldn’t resist a panda pun) and what’s even more awesome is that people actually like the music! Although, you are given the option to listen to your own tunes whilst playing  . . .  I shed a solitary tear every time a player does this ;(