‘Disoriented!’ Released On The App Store + ‘Wing’ Free Demo

Video Games

Disoriented is now out on the App store :)! I composed 2 level tracks for the game (you can listen to both on the featured tracks player). Grab it here for just $99 in the launch day sale.

Also, I previously said about a game I was working on the soundtrack for called Wing. It should be approved and on the app store very very soon but in the mean time you can play the first level for free here. And to coincide with this I’ve uploaded a song onto the site that wasn’t used in the final version of the game as it was a bit too dark but it’s still a nice track.

There’s a few projects in the works at the moment that I can’t wait to reveal so keep an eye on the site for more music :)

New Music + New Game Announcement

Video Games

I’ve been working on the music for an upcoming iPhone game called ‘Wing: The Fly’ where you control . . .  a fly. You can watch the trailer above and listen to a teeny tiny bit of one of the songs in the game – I’ll upload some of the full songs once the game has been released (should be January 29th, so not long to wait!).

Also, I’ve added ‘The Balls!’ music to the featured tracks player as promised, be sure to check out my Soundcloud as well for more tracks :)